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Floating Zendo is a Zen meditation group led by Angie Boissevain, Sensei, based in San Jose, California. Angie teaches in multiple locations, hence the name Floating zendo.
Floating Zendo practices Zen in the Soto lineage from Japan, founded by Dogen Zenji.

Although we are a small community, we have a number of ongoing practices, mostly centered in or around San Jose:

  • The primary ongoing zazen/meditation practice is held weekly with Angie on Tuesday nights 6:30-8:00 at the Friends’ Meeting House in San Jose (1041 Morse St, San Jose, CA 95126). After zazen, we study Zen or Buddhist works, such as the writings of Dogen and other teachers in the tradition, the Buddhist Precepts, the Heart Sutra, and other topics.
  • Longer sits of 3 to 6 hours are offered the second Saturday of the month at the Friends’ House in San Jose.

Contact:  secretary@floatingzendo.org

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